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Testing electric engines

Moteur hybride

Client : TM4

Innovations of the future

Hybrid and electric cars are the vehicles of tomorrow. Running on a combination of batteries and the traditional internal combustion engine, they present a host of environmental and energy benefits. Several models are already on the market, with more to come in the years ahead.

Using its expertise in developing these two types of vehicle, TM4 (Traction Motor Four), a member company of the Hydro-Québec group, provides its clients with electric pulsation systems adapted to their needs. It produces engines, generators, and power converters in the transportation and electricity production markets.

Since 2008, Investissement Québec - CRIQ has been conducting a complete line of tests (climate, vibration, acoustic, electromagnetic compatibility) on different components of the electric engine manufactured by TM4. CRIQ gets involved during or at the very end of the product development stage, just before mass production.

CRIQ performs climate tests, making it possible to identify the operating limits of TM4 products in high and low temperatures. Different defect modes are also identified by combining temperature and vibration.

The engineers and technicians at CRIQ and TM4 work closely together during testing. Recently, testing was carried out on stators, active components found in magnetic fields that make electric motors turn. The stators were tested for sturdiness in vibration mode. Thanks to a great working relationship and first-rate communication between all involved, solutions are always quickly found since TM4 engineers are on site to see how their products perform.

Investissement Québec - CRIQ testing has allowed TM4 to make improvements and come up with a more reliable final product that is better adapted to market needs, thereby reducing the financial risks associated with design problems during conception, prototyping, and assembly.


- We regularly use CRIQ for our environment tests.
We appreciate the quality and diversity of the services
they provide, not to mention how close the lab is.
Lately we have been performing HALT tests
in an ESSAD chamber or using an electrodynamic vibrator.
Thanks to CRIQ, we’ve been able to quickly pinpoint
the mechanical and thermal elements our designers
should focus on.

Stéphane Poulin, Eng., M.Sc.A.
Vice-President, Business Development
TM4 (member of the Hydro-Québec group)