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Optimize a manufacturing process

Thanks to its expertise in stabilizing industrial processes and optimizing the stages of processing, Investissement Québec - CRIQ can help you improve equipment performance. Investissement Québec - CRIQ’s scanner/optimizers integrate your processes into a high-performance system and provide optimization or classification solutions in real time.


The SAGE/X2 two-sided cross-cutting system can manage a variety of orders as well as complex product configurations and various raw materials. Its smart and highly developed optimization module gives you unrivalled performance, all while meeting the strictest production specifications.


Automated cross-cutting system

Automated cross-cutting systemKeep moulding-machine downtime to a minimum and be more productive. Use the 3D detection system to indicate which parts require manual processing and which damaged or bent parts need to be turned.



Exclusive debarking analysis system

Adjust blade pressure, rotor speed, or the log advance speed on your ring debarker with Investissement Québec - CRIQ’s debarking optimizer and boost production. This one-of-a-kind optimization system has three separate modules for log qualification, optimization, and quality control. Each log is optimized independently, ensuring you get the most out of your machine.



OPERA technology significantly reduces the energy costs associated with refining wood chips in the TMP process at pulp and paper mills. The system qualifies in real time all wood chips entered into the process and determines, among other things, dry density. A mathematical model then determines optimal operating conditions in order to minimize energy consumption and improve product quality, all while stabilizing the process.

Kraft Process

Improve your plant’s performance with a CMS-Kraft solution right on the wood chip line. This multisensor system qualifies in real time all essential characteristics of wood chips used in your process. The device is modular, integrates easily on most production lines, and is easy to install.