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Industry 4.0

Factories are getting smarter and now have the capacity to continuously relay and analyze supply and production data, as well as information on customer sales and requests. This opens the door to new opportunities for automatic feedback to optimize yields and boost productivity.

Our experts are able to support you in your quest for digital transformation on several levels. Do not hesitate to call on our services to undertake or reinforce your digital shift.

Automating operations management

Investissement Québec - CRIQ’s operations management automation service aims to optimize the management of your manufacturing operations—such as production planning, supply management, and quality control—by cutting waste and boosting productivity.Depending on your needs, Investissement Québec - CRIQ helps you target and automate operations that are either wasteful or that could generate additional revenue.

Artificial intelligence forecasting

Our artificial intelligence forecasting service, which gathers data from various manufacturing systems, helps you understand how factors related to supply, the environment, production, and equipment wear and maintenance impact production line productivity.

Using a machine learning process, artificial intelligence systems forecast complex situations that would otherwise be impossible to evaluate. This information is then used to refine operations management.