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Control the quality of products and processes

By meticulously analyzing the characteristics of your product and examining the operational capacities of each of your industrial processes, you can really push the limits of your business and see a return on investment in less than a year. Discover how Investissement Québec - CRIQ’s process and quality control technologies can help your business.


CMS-CWSA Chip Management System (CMS) and Chip Weighing System (CWS) combined in a single machine! This device is used for real-time qualification of the characteristics of wood chips used in TMP and kraft pulp production. Ask us how this technology can help you increase production—and profit margins!

Available from TEXO:


AQUA-Biomasse technology is a measuring device that reduces the operating costs of a cogeneration plant by optimizing biomass boiler performance. Factors of production are continuously measured, with water content, particle size, and density each offering potential savings.



Trim analysis system

Système d’analyse d'équarris Système d’analyse d'équarris Système d’analyse d'équarris Système d’analyse d'équarrisThis technology allows you to control the machining quality on two to four sides of squared timber in your softwood sawmill. Perfect cant dimensions immediately and correct positioning errors using real-time data!