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Environmentally friendly processes for treating industrial waste and odours

Transform, break down, stabilize, or immobilize contaminants using organic purification processes that respect the principles of sustainable development. Investissement Québec - CRIQ experts can help you implement cost-effective processes for treating waste and odours produced by your industrial site.


Solving purification problems couldn’t be simpler with BiosorTM, a 100% organic filtration process patented and developed by Investissement Québec - CRIQ. The process, which is already applied in many industries, uses purifying micro-organisms fixed to the base of organic matter to clean and deodorize over 90% of effluents and waste gases.


Eliminate all pollutants and micro-pollutants from your municipal or industrial wastewater with Investissement Québec - CRIQ’s membrane biotreatment: Biomembrane. With near 100% efficiency, the procedure processes wastewater so that it can then be reused or recycled as you wish.

Odorless compost or residual liquid

Effectively repurpose your organic matter into compost using a simple, effective, and economical organic treatment process. The process reduces the usual drawbacks of composting, such as odors and residual fluids, and makes for better quality compost. Investissement Québec - CRIQ’s experts will help you efficiently compost everything from abattoir sludge and municipal waste to dairy cattle manure and septic sludge.

Aerated prefiltration

This is an innovative, simple, and economical way to pretreat septic tank sludge and reduce the pollution content of compounds found in the sludge. It eliminates the need for costly, hard-to-operate systems which use chemicals that harm the environment.


BIOSECOTM exploits the exothermic nature of composting to dry your waste organically. Lowering the water content of moist waste by organic drying means you don’t have to spend big money on specialized equipment and devices to dehydrate organic waste.