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Client: STERIS Canada

Businesses looking to develop a product often need to read through reams of technical articles and patent documents to find just the right person to drive their technology forward. Which is why STERIS Canada came to Investissement Québec - CRIQ.

STERIS is a world leader that employs over 5,000 people and helps hospitals, scientific research institutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and clients from other sectors to prevent infection, control microbes, and promote decontamination.

Reducing the time it takes to heat up and evaporate the water used to clean and dry equipment, devices, and tools could help STERIS clients boost productivity and use much less energy. Which is where radiant energy comes in, targeting energy, directing it, and focusing it on water droplets to be evaporated, just like a microwave oven does. The problem, though, is that since sterilizing instruments and the device currently marketed by STERIS are all made from stainless steel, it seems ill advised and even dangerous to use radiant energy due to the electric field it produces.

Investissement Québec - CRIQ read up on the problem, both inside and outside the centre, and got in touch with a dozen or so patent holders around the world, wanting to know if their work on radiant energy had led to innovations that could be used in STERIS equipment. The wide-ranging research has allowed STERIS to advance its project, now backed by the inventors uncovered by CRIQ all over the globe.