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Safe storage solutions for valuables

SafeAisle storage system

Client: Montel

The safe storage of archives, artwork, or collector’s items requires technical, scientific, and artistic expertise. Curators must ensure valuables remain in prime condition by protecting them from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that attack oxidation-sensitive materials.

Montel is a worldwide leader in mobile and stationary storage solutions for offices, institutions, industries, and retail businesses, as well as the residential sector. The company recently upgraded two state-of-the-art electric mobile storage systems, SafeAisle and Wired. During the process Montel asked Investissement Québec - CRIQ to test that certain plastic samples complied with VOC emissions standards for furniture parts. The test results enabled Montel to select appropriate materials for use in the manufacture of keypad trims.

Now that Montel’s SafeAisle and Wired systems are certified in accordance with BIFMA X7.1 standards for VOC emissions they can be sold anywhere in the world. They are certain to appeal to buyers in the top-end storage market who purchase for museums and major libraries that require optimal and sustainable conservation conditions.


- CRIQ's BIFMA X7.1 certifications position us to sell
to consumers seeking products that won't harm
their health or the environment.

Marie-Claude Vachon
Quality and Sales Support Manager