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Why innovate?

Innovation is key to the success of Québec businesses. Open markets bring with them increased competition as well as new standards and regulations, making innovation synonymous with growth and long-term success. But according to recent studies, only one in ten manufacturing businesses is innovating.

At CRIQ, our professional team of innovators, creative minds, experienced developers, and researchers will walk you through the first steps on the road to innovation—and beyond.

How can CRIQ help my business?

CRIQ is here to help, from coming up with tech innovation projects to putting them into action, no matter how complex or ambitious.

CRIQ can provide you with detailed information that can be otherwise hard to find. We open up our labs to you to carry out tests and check compliance. We come up with R&D projects that won’t let you down. And we also help bring about change in many industries by taking on ambitious projects that support government programs and policy.

CRIQ calls itself an “innovation partner.” What does that mean?

The CRIQ team is versatile and innovative, boasting a wide range of expertise. But whenever there are solutions to be found in Québec or further afield, we’ll point you in the right direction. And if ever we need additional expert opinion, we join forces with our research partners. As it happens, we regularly collaborate on projects with other research centres; technology transfer centres (CTTTs), universities, and private businesses. CRIQ’s goal is always to work with the best experts on a given project to provide clients with the best technology solutions.

How is CRIQ different from technology transfer centres (CCTTs)?

CRIQ provides the most complete range of innovation services under the same roof anywhere in Québec. Our multidisciplinary experts can lend a hand in almost any industry. CRIQ is able to see technology risks appear on the horizon and invests, through an internal research program, in projects that can be useful to several Québec businesses at once.

CCTTs (centres collégiaux de transfert et de technologie) are part of Québec’s education system. Clients refer to them on a regional basis and they are specialized in precise areas of activity. CRIQ regularly collaborates with CCTTs on specific project aspects.

Why choose CRIQ over another innovation service provider?

It depends on what you need. We are there to remain neutral and objective as we guide you, and we’ll refer you to another provider if we aren’t best placed to meet your needs.

CRIQ has been an industrial productivity and competitiveness expert for over 45 years now. We’re here to help you succeed. Year after year, clients and partners say they’re happy with our services. We can serve over 2,000 clients per year, and our advisers travel all over Québec to provide free estimates for your projects.

How big does my project need to be before I can work with CRIQ?

Businesses of any size, ministries, and municipalities can all use CRIQ services. We’re able to come up with hands-on solutions to industrial productivity, export, competitiveness, and environmental efficiency issues, no matter the size of your project or organization.

What are CRIQ’s rates?

CRIQ rates for all products and services are in line with market rates. We can help you find financing solutions for high-risk research projects. The average return on investment for CRIQ projects often comes within 9 to 18 months.

Where does CRIQ stand on intellectual property?

CRIQ has no set position on intellectual property. Each case is negotiated with the business based on the investment made by each party, the activity sector, and where the project is.

How up-to-date is CRIQ technology?

CRIQ masters and develops technologies of the future with a strong potential for innovation. One such technology is 3D printing, which is bringing new solutions to optimize the value chain and bring down production costs in what many are calling a new industrial revolution. Another example is friction stir welding, a system exclusive to CRIQ in Canada that makes for more solid welds and lighter assemblies.

Can CRIQ subsidize my project?

CRIQ does not provide grants or financing. It does, however, use the government funds to invest in projects that might be of use to other businesses in different sectors.

Who markets CRIQ inventions?

Once CRIQ has developed an innovation with marketing potential, it launches a call for interest among businesses in that sector. Businesses that show interest are asked to fill out project specifications, which are then objectively analyzed by CRIQ. Negotiations over a marketing and/or manufacturing licence then begin with the chosen company.