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Plastic bags and Tetra Pak recycling

This video is only available in french

Client: Groupe RCM


According to RECYC-QUÉBEC, only 13% of the 7,000 tons of plastic bags used each year in Québec are recycled. The numbers are somewhat better for multilayer containers, although only 50% of the 20,000 tons produced each year are recycled. Sorting centres direct the remainder of these containers to incinerators, landfill sites, or even to China.

The Groupe RCM Yamachiche division turned to Investissement Québec - CRIQ to develop a repurposing technology that would create new products from recycled plastic bags and multilayer containers. To make the new products, Investissement Québec - CRIQ engineers devised formulations that blend homogenous mixtures of milk and juice plastic/cardboard containers and other recyclable plastics.

The public and private sectors provided the $3.5 million investment the project required. This project brings significant economic benefits to the region in addition to a notable social impact—Groupe RCM has created 25 new jobs for people with physical or intellectual disabilities.

“It’s been a very satisfying experience collaborating with CRIQ.
Not only was the work completed on time and within budget,
but we also established an ongoing spirit of cooperation.
Our decision to seek out CRIQ’s collaboration was the right call!”

Michel Camirand

President and CEO
Groupe RCM