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Measuring the moisture content of iron pellets

Moisture measurement

Client: ArcelorMittal

Measuring the moisture content of "filter cakes" at ArcelorMittal

For close to a year, Investissement Québec - CRIQ worked with ArcelorMittal at its pelletization plant in Port-Cartier to develop a reliable method for accurately measuring the moisture content of “filter cakes” used to produce iron pellets used by processing companies.

Moisture, which is critical to the efficiency of the pelletization process, must be strictly controlled in order to ensure a sound agglomeration performance. More accurate moisture control can help to produce pellets of equal or better quality, but with a lower moisture level. Because of this, far less water has to be evaporated during the hardening process. Using its expert knowledge of custom equipment, coupled with expertise in modeling and the processing of multiple data, Investissement Québec - CRIQ is currently developing a new device designed to read moisture levels in real time. Several other iron processing plants in Québec have expressed an interest in this project that, according to estimates, will generate significant energy savings.

Since moisture control is a common problem in a number of industrial processes, the technology developed will be adapted for applications in other sectors.