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Industry brainstorming pays off

Brainstorming concept

Client : Intragaz

Proprietary knowledge in a specialized industry can be a great asset in growing your business and standing out. That is the case for Intragaz, a company that operates the only two underground natural gas storage sites in Québec. The creativity and rigour of the Intragaz team led to the company developing very safe working methods and a unique expertise in natural gas compression, storage, and pressure reduction.

The company, eager to expand operations beyond its traditional storage sites, called on Investissement Québec - CRIQ to organize a group to engage in structured brainstorming sessions to identify new business opportunities (ITBO). Through these efforts Intragaz hopes to one day be in a position to provide clean, safe, and cost-effective energy to businesses not currently served by traditional natural gas supply networks.


- Using CRIQ’s ITBO method we identified very promising opportunities
for supplying greener energy at more competitive prices
to a greater number of Québec companies.

Rock Marois