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R&D Experts

Investissement Québec - CRIQ boasts extraordinary expertise in industrial innovation with a team of over 100 engineers and technicians who design projects and develop remarkable processes in industrial productivity and eco-efficiency.  

Yves Bernard, Eng.

Main interests: treatment of industrial or municipal organic waste with a focus on the development of composting processes, biodrying, and mechanical and biological treatments for waste repurposing.
Waste treatment expert
Sylvain Bilodeau, Eng., PMP

Main interests: industrial equipment and productivity, complex automation using mechanical engineering to improve safety.
Complex automation expert
Michèle Boies, M.Sc.

Main interests: characterization of raw material using advanced technology tools as well as integrated management of the wood industry.
Process optimization expert
Richard-François Caron, Eng., chemist, M.Sc.

Main interests: olfactory and chemical characterization of gas samples, analysis of VOCs emitted by various solids and liquids, chemical characterization of air and industrial odours, and solving problems related to industry odours.
Compliance testing expert
Corinne Chabot, B.A.Sc.

Main interests: Computer vision and digital processing
Computer vision and digital processing
Marc Daigle, Eng.

Main interests: treatment of waste contaminated by heavy metals, extraction of active ingredients from biomass, and technical and economic feasibility studies.
Waste treatment expert
Pascal Dubé, chemist, M.Sc.

Main interests: Chemical characterization, developing extraction processes for natural products and the resolution of problems involving chemistry.
Compliance testing expert
Rino Dubé, Eng., M.Sc.

Main interests: bioprocessing technologies for liquid and gaseous effluents; removal, processing, and repurposing of nutrients; and study of contaminants such as endocrine disruptors and drug by-products.
Waste treatment expert
Denis Hotte, Eng.

Main interests: automation of industrial tasks, design of new equipment and tools, robotics, machine safety, industrial mechanics, inventive design, production optimization, equipment selection, and laboratory and pilot tests.
Complex automation expert
Yann Le Bihan, microbiologist, Ph.D.

Main interests: waste repurposing by fermentation, biomethanation, microalgae culture, and microbiology of liquid and gaseous effluent treatment, developing and optimizing processes that can be used by industry.
Repurposing materials expert
Claude Lejeune, Ph.D.

Main interests: computer vision, image processing, signal processing, neural networks, augmented and virtual reality, spectrometry (mainly visible and near infrared), and programming (C++, python, Matlab).
Artificial intelligence expert
Denis Lépine, Eng.

Main interests: metal additive manufacturing, design of complex industrial equipment, computer-assisted design, and continuous improvement of products.
Complex automation expert
Hojjat Mahi, Ph.D.

Main interests: converting plastic waste, developing new plastic materials, testing and formulating polymer materials, bionanocomposites...
Polymer Specialist
Olivier Marcotte, Eng., M.Sc.

Main interests: mechanical design of automation equipment, computer-aided design, friction stir welding, industrial robotics, and 3D printing.
Complex automation expert