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Doors and mouldings quickly manufactured using artificial vision


Client : Menuiserie des Pins

Menuiserie des Pins, a manufacturer of mouldings and wood components, faced productivity problems due to the manual tasks employed in grading and cutting the pine boards used in its mouldings and doors. This situation severely impeded the growth of the company, which was turning down contracts because it couldn’t meet client deadlines. So the company set out to automate these activities, requiring a “brain” to analyze inputs as a function of varying commands and changing raw material.

Investissement Québec - CRIQ had the solution: its SAGE X4 scanner/optimizer, already in use by five hardwood-floor manufacturers. This advanced vision system, which could detect defects on all four sides of boards for 14 hardwood species, is a true decision-making centre that permits the automation of sawing and grading operations. Investissement Québec - CRIQ experts modified the equipment to also detect pine board defects. Its real-time capacity to analyze 500 linear feet of board per minute lets SAGE X4 control downstream saws on the production chain to optimally cut each piece of wood. This minimizes waste and maximizes product dollar-value in line with client requirements.

Automating sawing operations at Menuiserie des Pins led to a big boost in production capacity and material yields. The company also solved the problem related to the shortage of workers willing perform a repetitive task so crucial to its operations.

Thanks to these improvements Menuiserie des Pins made in early 2015, today all resinous-wood product manufacturers can reap the many benefits of the SAGE X4 system.