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Automated chicken-tying machine

Client: Exceldor

The Québec company Exceldor is a leader in the marketing, procurement, and processing of poultry. Essential to its growth strategy was the need to modernize its plant and automate its tasks. The plant faced a labour shortage made more acute by the large number of employees assigned to the chicken-tying operation. To make matters worse, the chicken-tying operation can be responsible for occupational diseases over an extended period of time.

The Exceldor operations team worked closely with Investissement Québec - CRIQ engineers and technicians to develop a unique piece of automatic equipment. This was no mean feat since experts had to establish a clear understanding of the task sequence to reproduce, while taking into account factors like product variability, production pace, tying success rate, and food safety and quality standards.

The introduction of the automatic chicken-tying machine marks a world first in the food industry! This improvement has boosted Exceldor’s productivity and led to a healthier, safer, and more stimulating work environment for employees.

“I’m really impressed by the ingenuity and professionalism of the CRIQ team that worked with us to develop this unique piece of equipment. 
With the automated tying machine we will see a 350% productivity boost 
in this segment of our business!
 Now we can address our labour shortage and at the same time provide a healthier and safer workplace for employees.”

Éric Cadoret

Vice-President of Operations