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Welding robot with unequalled movement capability


Client: Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC)

A process already well established in Europe, particularly in the transportation industry, friction stir welding is virtually non-existent in processing and assembly plants in Québec. Investissement Québec - CRIQ has the exclusive license to use friction stir welding technology in Canada, and sees the process’s huge potential to improve business productivity and competitiveness.

The first friction stir welding robot was delivered to the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) to be used by businesses wanting to employ this innovative technology to develop new assembly concepts. Almost infinitely customizable, the system allows the most complex shapes to be welded, and rotation can be controlled through simple commands—no skilled labour is required.

Friction stir welding has several advantages: namely, it produces strong, high-quality welds, it does not require filler metal, and it doesn’t generate toxic fumes or a luminous arc. This means that it increases worker safety and its impact on the environment is very low. Structures assembled using this process are also stronger and lighter.

“The CRIQ-UQAC partnership is a perfect example of a
successful collaboration 
between two Québec innovators.”

Alexandre Lavoie

Project Manager